Gallery Excluder

Developer : MrFloppyCoding

Description :
Exclude certain folders from the Gallery App. Re-index the Gallery App at will.
Now all folders should be browsable. That includes external sd cards on some devices (such as Samsung Galaxy S/Vibrant/Captivate etc.)

Here's why:

Many apps create folders on the sd-card and drop their stuff there. Often, they place images as well. Now that Android checks the sd-card for new media from time to time, these folders will be added to the media database and displayed in the stock Gallery app.

Here's how:

Gallery Excluder lists all direct subdirectories of '/sdcard' respectively '/mnt/sdcard' and displays them in a list. If an item/directory gets checked a '.nomedia' file is placed in that directory. If the directory gets unchecked the '.nomedia' file is removed.

Since it can take a while to have the gallery update you can also force a manual update via options menu.
Browsing subdirectories can be done by long pressing an item.


Download Link

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